Social Recruiting Platform by leveraging social intelligence and network effect.

Democratizing Recruitment by enabling networks and communities

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Why QPage?

QPage enables you to turn your communities into the most valuable, fast, economical, and long-term source of recruiting. 

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Social Recruiting

Social Intelligence is more accurate

Your network and community are the most effective sourcing strategy to find candidates, evaluate, and hire.

QPage offers the smartest way to recruit!

Leveraging the network effect around your community to the source, assess, and hire the best fit.

Data driven decisions

Verified Candidates

Decide on the next action by having a full flow of information from candidate detailed analysis to psychometric, aptitude, and skills/knowledge assessment reports.

QPage provides automated analysis and assessments while connecting one to another to let you make the best decision 


Time Matters

We made Recruiting 10x faster

Research shows superior talent is up to eight times more productive, but they don’t wait for weeks in your pipeline!

 QPage save you a huge amount of time and effort by Autonomous Campaigns, while it helps you measure the lead-time.


Performance Recruiting

Looking for a long-term stable sourcing strategy?

You even do not want to spend a huge amount of money on this?

We got you!

QPage enables communities to build long-term sourcing verified talents by smart interactive assessments and Scoring System.



helps you turn your communities and social network to a long-term verified sourcing channel.


Self Service Collaboration

You undoubtedly felt the pain when it came to hiring…

Recruiting can be enjoyable once it becomes collaborative.

QPage helps the hiring team; from recruiters and hiring managers, to line managers or even applicants stay connected seamlessly and enjoyably while collaborating upon their roles and permissions.

Drip Campaigns

Passive Candidates

Engage, motivate and convert passive candidates to applicants by designing and crafting your campaign.

QPage suggests different types of AI powered campaign designing and tracking.



Stalking is a waste of time

Stalk a candidate and get no response while spending huge amount of cash and time?

QPage helps you find fit-in candidates from valuable channels and social Media

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Coming from the ATS and HRMS/talent tech world myself -- QPage is stellar.

The largest ATS offerings down to the tiniest are still well behind the curve.

Graham G. Seymour Founder & Executive Consultant at TSG, Seymour Gr.
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We were looking after a decent AI-powered Recruiting platform to help us recruit at massive scale and discovered QPage.
End of story- We're hooked.

Mansour Ghalbi Talent Acquisition Lead at Hamrah Mechanic
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QPage has been providing an excellent Selection and Assessments solution

I definitely recommend you to try it out.

Maria Klaos Partner at UPLEGAL

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QPage is where the Recruitment, Selection and On-boarding become a joy by a real collaboration. An Autonomous Hiring with help of AI made 100% automated while the decision making made easy by a consistent flow of information, assessments and interviews. All in One Solution

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