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Y QPage?

We are taking recruitment one step ahead! Powered by AI and Machine Learning to ease, automate and expedite your recruitment!


Self Service Collaboration

You undoubtedly felt the pain when it comes to hiring…

Recruitment is enjoyable once it becomes Collaborative.


QPage. helps the hiring team; from recruiters and hiring managers, to line managers or even applicants and external interviewer, stay connected seamlessly and enjoyably while collaborating upon their roles and permissions on your control access.

Design a Job Vacancy

Define your ideal talent

Start an open position by identifying your ideal candidate with designing the job description automatically!

That will let you understand exactly what to look for during interviews and what evaluation criteria are both at the recruitment and employment process.


QPage. provides AI assists on the content from the job description to supplementary information on department mission or job authorities, evaluation criteria, and perks.



An AI brain helps you automate...

Select automated actions in designing a vacancy to be triggered after publishing  an open position.


QPage. provides AI-powered automation to get rid of manual actions from automated assessments, mock videos, Interview sessions, evaluations, and scoring and all in coordinating with recruitment team and the applicant and even till giving you the result.


Simply help you out there Win the talent acquisition competition.


Data driven decisions...

Decide on the next action by having a full flow of information from a consistent chain of data shown together to resume match makings, assessment scores and evaluations.


QPage. provides range of data all at one picture to help you on an unbiased decision.



Make it 10x faster...

Research shows superior talent is up to eight times more productive, but a common bottleneck to acquire a game changer is the precious time on the competition. 


QPage. helps you either measure the lead-time perfectly or automate the coordination and actions to help getting the best decisions done faster.

All in one

Effortless recruiting...

We believe recruiters have no time for complex integrations so we give it all in one simply.


QPage. offers built-in integrations and solutions from video tools to assessments and even contents.



Hired. is not the finish line...

Research shows initial days of a new joiner are the most crucial one.

QPage. helps you to automate on-boarding process by setting few chain of task as a mission including meetings and collaboration and even scoring and reviews.

QPage Features

Psychometric Assessments

Select among global standard pre-hiring assessments.

Automated Mock Interview

Let the machine run the first round of interviews and deliver the result.

Voice/Video Interviews

In-App voice and video interview tools

sassico testimonial image

Coming from the ATS and HRMS/talent tech world myself -- QPage is stellar. How's everything going in that world? It's staggering to me that for all the boasts of app marketplaces and Integrations, the largest ATS offerings down to the tiniest are still well behind the curve vis a vis automation, tech enablement, and even just being API friendly.

Graham G. Seymour

Founder & Executive Consultant at TSG, Seymourgroup.co


Get Hired.

Looking for a change in your career?

QPage is the next disruptive ATS and On-boarding AI powered SaaS, offering auto JD, auto shortlisting, semi crowd-sourced interviews, assessment kits, dynamic vacancy pipeline, dynamic org. chart, advanced reporting modules and millions of more features.

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