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Self Service Collaboration

You undoubtedly felt the pain when it comes to hiring…

Taking all process isn’t a one man show particularly once you need to hire dozens and you have no sufficient amount of time to write them all


So, don’t we make it a self-service team activity with so much automation and fun?


Getting the right people on the bus...

Isn’t it the most crucial duty for all in the team?


QPage offers tons of hands full automation by AI.

Auto JD recommendation, assessment kits, crowdsource-able screening process, resume parsing, auto shortlisting and automated multi-sided notification service

QPage Features

Automated Shortlisting

Shortlisting is a real pain at scale!!! It’s a manual task while having the risk of selection bias. Auto shortlist is a feature to help

Dynamic Recruitment Pipeline

Tired of fixed and frozen recruitment pipelines? It can be hassle when it comes to the different nature

On-Boarding Orientation Process

Helping a new joiner for a smooth landing is a big deal. Here you can define a plan for onboarding...

Y QPage?

Take recruitment one step ahead!
Effectiveness merger with efficiency change the game


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QPage is the next disruptive ATS and On-boarding AI powered SaaS, offering auto JD, auto shortlisting, semi crowd-sourced interviews, assessment kits, dynamic vacancy pipeline, dynamic org. chart, advanced reporting modules and millions of more features.

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