Auto Job Description Suggestion

Have you ever felt devastated on writing loads of job description, editing, updating and start another? We had the same problem too! So started think about it and make it one step better

Auto Job Description Suggestion

Role, Responsibilities and Requirements

An AI algorithm offers an auto job description and letting the user tweak, edit or approve it.

The accuracy is a matter? We promise to learn it very soon.

It gives you a freedom from sets of manual works to define a proper job description by just writing job title.

We offer tones of JD in standard format and soon an advanced level. Introducing AI availability auto job description generated contents all at your disposal. You can just read and confirm or simply edit them in a better format which suits your needs.

Divided into three main categories: Role, Responsibilities and Requirements

Designing a vacant role is a mixture of position description, the function/department mission, day to day expectations and its strategic mission and participation in company’s strategy.

Responsibilities come with authorities, so do not hesitate to write down a few words on that.

What are the vacancy responsibilities and what are criteria to get evaluated.

The last but not the least is “Requirement” of the vacant position. What criteria, values, soft and hard skillsets are on your organization radar?