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Network Recruiting

Social Recruiting- An efficient long-term and low-cost recruiting strategy

An efficient long-term and low-cost recruiting strategy- Social Recruiting As we dive headfirst into the new digital era and our companies give in

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Diversity and Inclusion status in 2020 - Statistics

Diversity and Inclusion status in 2020

Diversity and Inclusion status in 2020 For entities of any type either to be for-profit or a non-profit organization at a corner of cozy Tallinn, the

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Enhancing Employee Experience

Tips to Enhance Employee Experience

Enhancing Employee Experience Employee experience encapsulates every moment, from the time a new employee take their first steps into the

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Traditional Recruiting

How to hire new recruits successfully?

A guide to recruiting efficiently No organization wants to lose money, quality, and time simply because they can’t find a fast replacement for a

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Interview Questions

What interview questions to ask?

Picking out questions to ask in an interview seems like a job for everyone, or at least, that’s what we all tell ourselves. In reality, however,

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Chatbot in Hiring Process

How Helpful Are Chatbots in The Hiring Process

Back in the not-so-far future, traditional hiring processes felt like a let-down, and a majority of applicants felt exhausted and fatigued after

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Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Why Should Founders Contribute to Recruiting?

A founder is someone who creates a startup, a company, or a corporation- Founder is also a verb meaning “fail miserably”, and s/he,

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Can AI replace recruiters?

Can AI replace recruiters?

The controversy of AI replacing recruiters span over pages and pages across the internet, fueling a never-ending brawl between those who believe in

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Management Effects on Organizational Culture

What Are Management Effects on Organizational Culture

Same as the head of a family (parents or grandparents) has a massive influence on how the lower ranks of the hierarchy behave and what things they

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