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recruitment metrics

The New Recruiting Metric We’ve Been Waiting For

The Recruiting Metric To Consider In an age of fast data-driven business, the recruiting departments need to pick up the game and make the necessary

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How Crowdsourcing Has Changed Talent Acquisition

When a new business word hits the society, it’s just a matter of time before it comes prevalent and swoops in any corner of the industry and

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ai in recruitment

How Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape The Recruitment Process

The Added Values of AI Nobody in the recruitment section appreciates dealing with mundane tasks that bore the heck out of them. The advent of AI or

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hrm technology

How Technology Is Changing Human Resource Management

Technology and Human Resource Management Modern technology has introduced groundbreaking shifts and innovations to HR solution finding, and, as fresh

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marketing strategy

How To Come Up With a Low-Budget Marketing Strategy

9 Tips For Your Low-Budget Marketing Strategy Startups are no strangers to having no money. That’s how they get started, to be honest; a bunch of

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coronavirus stimulus packages

Coronavirus Stimulus Packages Around the World

Stimulus Packages Around the World: A Cure or A Band Aid? The wave of the uncertainty of the exact time getting back to work and making money is

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