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Can AI replace recruiters?

Can AI replace recruiters?

The controversy of AI replacing recruiters span over pages and pages across the internet, fueling a never-ending brawl between those who believe in

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Management Effects on Organizational Culture

What Are Management Effects on Organizational Culture

Same as the head of a family (parents or grandparents) has a massive influence on how the lower ranks of the hierarchy behave and what things they

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QPagw Release Note

Release Notes: Company Career Page!

Release Notes Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on

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Mock Interview for recruiters

How Mock Interviews help Recruiters shortlist the best candidates?

How Mock Interviews help Recruiters Living and working as a recruiter can be at the same time extremely rewarding and backbreaking. While getting to

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Top 5 Remote Work Trends for 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has had many huge impacts on our social interactions, physical and mental health, and human life. Despite the damages it’s

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BlackLiveMatters and Startup Learning Points

BlackLiveMatters and Startup Learning Points What are takeaways for a startup? A world without borders is almost what the term global village is

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Corporate Culture

Resolving Cross-Cultural Differences in the Recruitment Process

How the differences in cultures can become problems in the recruitment process and what are the key points to consider to get around

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Work Station2

How to choose a proper Candidate Sourcing Tactic

There is none in short!!! There isn’t one recruitment tactic fits all and, as such, there are various possible choices in front of a recruiter who

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Why is the human resource the backbone of every industry

People are the Core of Everything Human resources are the primary pillar upon which a successful organization lives and continues to be profitable.

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