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Corporate Culture

Resolving Cross-Cultural Differences in the Recruitment Process

How the differences in cultures can become problems in the recruitment process and what are the key points to consider to get around

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Work Station2

How to choose a proper Candidate Sourcing Tactic

There is none!!! There isn’t one recruitment tactic fits all and, as such, there are various possible choices in front of a recruiter who is

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Why is the human resource the backbone of every industry

People are the Core of Everything Human resources are the primary pillar upon which a successful organization lives and continues to be profitable.

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Attracting Top Talents

What you need to do if you want to attract top talents

What you need to do if you want to attract top talents. Have you hit a road bump along the way of finding the best fits on the job market? Does your

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best applicant

How To Choose The Best Applicant Who Fit-in

How to Choose Candidates Who Fit In Whether you are a cofounder or recruiter/HR manager who has the responsibility to pump in talents into the

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do more with automation

Why You Should Implement Recruiting Automation Right Now

Automation Is No Longer Optional Does incorporating a new automation routine needs an introduction? The world is moving into a direction that

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applicant tracking system

The Advantages of an ATS for Internal Hiring

ATS and Internal Hiring When it comes to recruitment, an “Applicant Tracking System” or “ATS” is quite essential for internal hiring. The ATS

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How 5G Technology Is Going To Transform Business

Here Comes The 5G I sometimes find myself trembling and catching my breath, trying to keep up with the new world, and I’m all for that new

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recruitment bias

What is Recruitment Bias and how to avoid it?

What is Recruitment Bias? Candidates come from various ways of life, and while their diversity in cultural backgrounds and personal traits is a

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