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ai in recruitment

How Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape The Recruitment Process

The Added Values of AI Nobody in the recruitment section appreciates dealing with mundane tasks that bore the heck out of them. The advent of AI or

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hrm technology

How Technology Is Changing Human Resource Management

Technology and Human Resource Management Modern technology has introduced groundbreaking shifts and innovations to HR solution finding, and, as fresh

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marketing strategy

How To Come Up With a Low-Budget Marketing Strategy

9 Tips For Your Low-Budget Marketing Strategy Startups are no strangers to having no money. That’s how they get started, to be honest; a bunch of

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coronavirus stimulus packages

Coronavirus Stimulus Packages Around the World

Stimulus Packages Around the World: A Cure or A Band Aid? The wave of the uncertainty of the exact time getting back to work and making money is

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remote teams

4 Tips For Managing Your Remote Teams

How to Manage Your Remote Teams While the world holds its breath as the novel coronavirus savagely cuts through countries’ medical line of defenses

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unemployment rate

Unemployment Rates Skyrocket as Coronavirus Spreads

The Unemployment Crisis As the novel Coronavirus epidemic claims thousands worldwide, another sector takes even harsher hits; the global job market.

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What is Accountability in The Workplace

What is Accountability? When it comes to professional growth, employees who hold themselves accountable for the outcome of their actions and behave

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remote working

Remote Working: 7 Tips for Working From Home

Remote Working: 7 Tips for Working From Home With the world in a panic state, although we might come out on top, and authorities advising everyone to

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Corona covid 19

The Other side of COVID-19 is shiny

The Other Side of COVID-19 is Shiny TL:DR; I am not here to waste your time echoing what has been already delivered. COVID-19 outbreak is deadly for

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increase team morale

How to Get Rid of Negativity and Improve Team Morale

How to Get Rid of Negativity and Improve Team Morale Are you observing a decrease in excitement and energy among your team members? Are you listening

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