QPage Vs. Others

You would not be here if you have got what you need

Workable looks good at first,

but quickly becomes unsophisticated and boring. Recruiters get stuck in manual and overwhelming work streams.

QPage is a simple guided integrated module based ATS.

Cost and Multi Users are a big concern

Workable is too costly when it comes to multi user and time-driven usage.

Qpage has no limitation on time and number of users. Basic feature can be used all the time with no credit card request.

Integrations are time consuming and complex

Workable offers a multiple integrations with other platforms, but all are complex and time consuming.

QPage offers a simple built-in integration on subscription models.

ATS are made for recruiters?

Workable philosophy is designed to only served recruiters.

While QPage offers a seamless applicant experience with applicant app, a seamless yet enjoyable UX/UI for recruiters and powerful advanced customizable reporting module.

On-boarding is a big deal.

Workable and other platform has no plan for onboarding a new joiner, left them in the dark.

QPage offers an advanced interactive multi-layer on-boarding module

Reading all resume is a matter of time and accuracy

Workable suggests no solution for shortlisting process in practice.

QPage offers an advanced auto shortlisting feature.

Inter-company communication

No ATS offers a tribe communicational medium to let people sync and socialize.

QPage offers a customizable tribe based communication channel.

Scoring system is not an offer

Others 🙂

QPage gives a powerful feedback loop, engagement and scoring features to let you quantify a quality with no missing point.