Dynamic Recruitment Pipeline

Tired of fixed and frozen recruitment pipelines? It can be hassle when it comes to the different nature of vacancies or team structures.


Simple and Easy

We suggest a Global Standard recruitment pipeline, but you can customize in multi-levels as a company admin or job admin by just a simple drag n drop. Offering a basic master pipeline, while giving access to redesign it on each vacancy level too.


      Recruitment Preferences:

       Giving access to set up your master pipeline once you enter to set up a company profile.

       Having some sets of actions such as “Add Step”,  Assessment Kit”, “Edit” and “Delete”

      Add Step:

      Adding a new step into your company recruitment pipeline is just 2 clicks away. Name it and define its step type.

      Giving the ability to define automate actions is all available here.

      Delete step:

      By clicking on the trash icon above each step in the pipeline.

      Just to get sure about the action you may need to reconfirm the action.

      Move step:

      No description!!! Drag it n drop it!

      Edit Step:

      By clicking on the edit icon you can change the step type and title of the step.

      Auto action:

      Auto action is an option for configuring the acts of automatic actions. Choose from global templates or set it as you wish.