General Questions

  1. QPage is an Autonomous Recruiting platform powered by AI and ML. QPage combined ATS, CRM, Automations, Analysis, Assessments and Video Interview tools designed to streamline recruiting, selection and on-boarding process.
  1. From startups to SME’s and Corporate are the main users of our services, although it mostly designed for busy founders and recruiters either ants to cherry pick the next game changer or recruit at scale speedy while aim to reduce the chance of wrong hiring.
  1. QPage offers an Autonomous Recruiting experience by cutting every single manual works and dependency to streamline the whole recruiting, selection and onboarding process, however, you can check the comparison tab for better understanding of feature and capabilities against other solutions.
  1. QPage can help you once you want to recruit efficiently at low cost while you do not want to invest your time and attention on manual works such as finding a proper job description, coordination schedules, informing candidates upon their status, finding proper assessments or even putting together information and analysis to decide which candidate fits-in the most.

QPage does not charge customers for their number of users to provide a real collaborative recruiting experience. We only charge based on the number of pipelines per month, while there is some restriction on some features such as psychometric and coding assessments in the premium subscription plan.

QPage is by far better in automation and simplifying the recruiting process. It is indeed recruiting by a machine while it's in control by human.

Getting Started

  1. You have 3 ways for sign in or create an account. You can sign up either by email, google account or LinkedIn account. For more information you can click here.
  1. In your dashboard go to the People section and click on Add Colleague. There you can upload a resume, write down  name, email, contact number and send them an invitation to join your workspace. If the person you’re inviting is going to be Admin, by checking the “Is Admin?” box you can give them an admin role from the beginning.               Note: You have the option to invite at scale by a csv file or uploading resumes at once. 

  1. Click on Setting and go to Access Control section. In there you edit and assign the needed role of any people in your workspace based on their required level of access. For more information you can go to our help center an read more about account management here


  1. In the main panel click on Jobs on the left toolbar and click on Create a Job. In this section you can start creating your required job by inputting and selecting the general information of your job.  You can choose your industry, job title, job function, etc. from the drop-down lists. There are more than 500 predefined job titles available with ready to use description template of the role, its responsibilities and requirements. You can also edit these as you see fit in the description section. Below Description you can enter the employment type and offered salary. For more information about how to properly create a job you can refer to our help center here
  1. You can setup different types of assessment kits based on your requirements. There are lots of predefined assessment templates available for you, and we are committed to add new assessment questioners gradually, or you can create your own customized kit. There are 3 types of questions you can use and define which sections are mandatory for the applicant to fill. For more information please click here

  1. When posting a job, if you choose the Auto Shortlisting function, our system automatically matches your chosen criteria to uploaded resumes. Our AI-powered algorithms go through the resumes and select the best ones for you. For more detailed information you can click here
  1. All candidate’s resumes and profiles which has added into the system are stored in Candidate Pool for later actions. For more information about candidature pool you can click here
  1. You can add a candidate by uploading resume or filling the form fields by your own or push the search button and get redirected to the “Global Search”, an advanced search engine that will suggest the candidates from your own talent pool and QPage universal talent pool in Golden or Platinum version.

  1. When somebody applies for job or fill out an assessment, you will be notified automatically via email in which you can directly go the assessment result and take the next steps in the recruitment process.

Human Resource Management

  1. People board is the place for managing the employee of the company either current employees, recruiters, admin and line managers and/or new joiners and external experts and recruiters. The board give the ability to easily map your organizational chart, on-board new joiners and creating/managing tribes inside the company to ease communication and increase engagement.
  1. To create a mission, go to “People” page and click on “On-boarding”. There you have to create a “Task” first for your new joiner or you can use the predefined ones. After that you can click on “Create Mission” button, set the name of the mission and select the assignee and ten select tasks from previous step.

  1. There are 8 types of report available vary from lead-time to number candidates in pipelines. You may filter according specific steps or timeline.