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QPage is seamless yet sophisticated SaaS AI-powered to streamline your recruiting process resourcefully. Simply starts with sign-up and set up your bias-free and resourceful recruiting pipeline.

General Questions

  1. QPage is a Social Sourcing/Recruiting platform powered by AI and ML.
  2. We are democratizing Recruitment by enabling networks and communities to be a long-term source of verified candidates.
  3. QPage offers plenty of handful features and automation to help you build a sophisticated recruiting strategy such as mapping candidate journey, affiliate recruiting, referral recruiting, passive candidate's drip campaigning, assessments and Video Interview tools designed to streamline your recruiting and selection process.
  1. From startups to SME’s and Corporate are among QPage main users, although it mostly designed for busy founders and recruiters either aim to build a long-term low cost, performance based sourcing and recruiting channel to cherry pick the next game changer or recruit at scale.
  1. QPage is creating a new category and directly competing with profile stalking, social media shoutouts and paper-ads on wallboards.
  2. Our difference is to make that manual works digitalized, automated and efficient while  connecting every single data point into account to ease decision making process.
  1. QPage is a perfect solution once you are sick of pouring money on short-term recruiting strategies and looking for an efficient, long-term and performance based recruiting channels.

QPage does not charge you for number of users to provide a real collaborative recruiting experience. We only charge based on the number of pipelines per month, while there is some restriction on some features such as psychometric assessments.

QPage is a more modern, data-driven and performance tracking solution for sourcing and recruiting, enabling the network and communities around you, while simplifying the sourcing/recruiting process.

Social Recruiting

  1. Social recruiting is using social intelligence on sourcing and verifying candidates. That can be done by defining an affiliate program and referrals and building your network and community within your workspace.
  1. To create an affiliate program, you need to go into affiliate module on your left side bar, click on the setting and start design reward system, brackets, invite the community or set up your affiliate recruiting page next.

  1. There are 8 types of report available vary from lead-time to number candidates in pipelines. You may filter according to specific steps or timeline.

Getting Started

  1. You have 3 ways for sign in or create an account. You can sign up either by email, google account or LinkedIn account. For more information you can click here.
  1. Go to the People module on the left side bar and click on Add Colleague. There you can upload a resume either by pdf or csv, check down  name, email, contact number and confirm to send them an invitation to join your workspace. If the person you’re inviting is going to be an Admin, by checking the “Is Admin?” box you can give them an admin access from the beginning.

  1. Click on Setting module on the left side bar, go to Access Control tab and edit users access in your workspace.
  2. For more information you can go to our help center an read more about account management here

How to start recruiting?

  • Click on Jobs module on the left side bar and click on Create a Job. In this section you can start designing your vacancy by selecting or writing required parts. Check here for more information.
  • You can choose among different types of assessment kits or write it by yourself. There are plenty of predefined assessment templates available, and we are committed to adding new assessments as time goes by.

  1. When posting a job, if you choose the Auto Shortlisting function, our system automatically matches your chosen criteria to uploaded resumes. Our AI-powered algorithms go through the resumes and select the best ones for you. For more detailed information you can click here
  1. You can check active applicants our sourced candidates in the  pipeline or find them via the search bar. However, you can passive candidates or unassigned candidates in your candidate pool module on the left side bar.
  1. Yes, you can add  candidates by uploading resume either one by one or by bulk.

  1. When somebody applies for job or fill out an assessment, you will be notified automatically via an email or notification  in which you can directly go the assessment result and take the next steps in the recruitment process.

  2. Note: You can change your preference on Notification Center.

How to?

  • To find your workspace name you need to go to "Setting"> Company Profile and check Company/Workspace name and associated email address.
  • Automated Email templates will be editable soon, but till then you are able to replace them with your own.

  • You can set email templates by vising your workspace "Setting"> Template> Add template and assign them in your pipeline in the Job creation process by visiting Hiring Flow> Autonomous Actions> Emails

  • You can remove the automated emails either in the global by vising "Setting" Recruitment Preference> click on the green tape under the steps and tap into the "bin" icon or within the job creation process by visiting "Hiring Flow"> click on the green tape under each step and tap into the "bin" icon.
  • You can change your notification preferences by visiting your Home Dashboard> Right side bar> Notification and ta into the "gear" icon. You can choose either to activate in-app or email notification.
  • Note: You may still receive notification for an active job Pipeline even if you have to turn your notification off.
  • You can set video interviews within the job creation process in "Hiring Flow"> Autonomous Action> Actions> video Interview.
  • NB 1: The questions you have written in the interview process will be shown to the only the interviewer.
  • NB 2: To activate auto-scheduling you need to integrate your Calendly account by leaving your Calendly API in the box or by voting your own profile> Edit Profile and past Calendly API key there.
  • To use the machine-led interview feature please check your Job pipeline> Hiring Flow> Autonomous Action> Mock Interview and write down the question that you wish the machine to ask from the candidate.

  • The result will be shown in the step you have assigned the action> Candidate card> Evaluation
  • Start by inviting the team to the "People" module and grant the pipeline access within the job creation process in "Hiring Team".To collaborate you can check the candidate's card and their status in each step and leave your comments, reviews and scores in the Evaluation> Score and Review tab.

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