QPage Features List

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Psychometric Assessments

Select among global standard pre-hiring assessments.

Voice/Video Interviews

In-App voice and video interview tools

Automated Mock Interview

Let the machine run the first round of interviews and deliver the result.

AI Job Description Suggestion

Choose among tons of AI produced job descriptions

Expertise Assessment

Examine candidate's expertise and knowledge level automatically

Scoring and Review system

Getting into a consensus on which candidate to go through next step...

Automated Shortlisting

Shortlist in one click or let the machine do the job.

Organizational Chart

Auto Organizational Chart generator by adding employees

Dynamic Pipeline

Tired of fixed and frozen recruitment pipelines? It can be hassle when it comes to the different nature

Collaborative Recruitment

Engaging the whole stakeholders in a self-service recruitment process can be fun for all...

AI Candidate Matching

You have though an AI at your disposal to match millions applicants...

AI Resume Parsing

Parsing resumes accurately by an AI Parser into your workspace automatically

On-Boarding /Orientation

Onboard new joiners for a smooth landing

Built-in Email and Messaging

Tired of getting integration with your working or personal email...

Automated Multi-Sided Notification

Just Like you we got the same feeling when it comes...

General Attractive Features

Automated Careers site

An automated career site reflects your company profile and job vacancies with no even one single effort.

Career Site in your own Website

Integrate your careers site with your own website’s domain.

Social Media Integration

Easily share your careers site across major social networks.

Applicant Resume Free

Let your applicant upload their resume in their comfortable format. We change it to your desire format.

Screening Assessments

Screen for the best candidates with custom questions.

AI Powered Video Interview

Use an AI powered video interview combined with gamification and question suggestions

Public API

Integrate QPage directly with other platforms.

Loads of job boards

Source your candidates from tons of local and international job boards

Pre-Filled Data Suggestion

We think your time is more valuable than filling forms and information, so we suggest and you can just edit them upon your requirements.

Custom Tag

Define or use pre-set tags to easily find your candidates later on.

Automatic syncing

All candidates are automatically synced to your account.

Free job boards

Post your vacancy over hundreds of free job boards locally and internationally.

Premium job boards

Post to over thousands of premium job boards worldwide.

Job Boards recommendations

Upon your location you will receive best possible job boards recommendation.

Seamless User Experience

One click away features let you manage your recruitment process, applicants and vacancies simply and automated.

Unlimited Users

Invite your whole company people and stakeholders to take part in activities with so much fun

Google indexed

All your posted vacancies are automatically indexed on Google.

Talent Pool

Divide your talents into as many as functions, skills or even names.

Intelligent Search

Search and find tags and talent with simple searches and filters.

Advanced Filters

Advanced filtering provides best possible results

Collaborative Recruitment

Collaborate with all relevant stakeholders on vacancies, interviews, assessments, comments, scoring, talent pool and even external recruiters, consultant or partners.

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned with latest updates on your desired activities, vacancies, even individuals.


Create and share comments and scores you have given with other stakeholders.

Bulk Uploads

Save time with bulk actions within the platform.

Drag n Drop

Seamlessly change candidates, applicants, even company people and org. chart by drag n drop ability.


Post vacancies in your own local language freely.

Customizable Home Page

Customize your home page with simple drag n drop widgets

Announcement Center

Announce company-wide vacancies and messages to be reflected on everyone’s home page and message inbox.

Calendar Sync

Synchronize your google and outlook calendar simply.

Customize received resume

Customize resumes you wants to receive real-time and interactively.

Multi Company User

A user can participate in an un-limited number of company’s panel.


People, team members and new joiners can create, invite and participate in social tribes.

AI and Automation Features

AI Powered Resume Parsing

An advanced AI resume parsing offers simplicity for you, the tram and applicants.

AI Candidate Matching

An advanced AI algorithm provides best in class candidate matching with ability to change criteria real-time

AI Shortlisting

An advanced AI algorithm offers an automated action of applicant shortlisting.

Full Customization of Pipeline

Customize whole vacancies and the master pipelines by drag n drop.

Pipeline Customization

Customize automated actions in pipeline such as assessments, emails and letters.

Detailed Profiles

An ability to view all details of people, candidate/applicant and talent profiles.

Customize view

Select widget or listing views upon your convenience

Multiple Vacancies

Create multiple vacancies upon your requirements

Follow candidates

Follow candidates and keep updated on their progress.

Uploading CV/Resume

Easily upload CVs/Resumes in any format directly to the platform.

Applicant Aggregated View

See aggregated number of applicants in pipeline and each step

Applicant Individual View

See applicant’s profile pins with access to their profile, actions or emails under each job vacancy pipeline.

Scoring System

A simple assessment number with seamless scoring experience

Semi Crowdsourcing Interviews

Invite external experts, recruiters or consultant into the posted vacancies

Calendar View

View the team calendar booked slots

In-App Video Call

An advanced AI powered video calling with gamification and question recommendation

Collaborative Video Calls

Invite other team members to join video calls.

Video Chat

Chat directly with your candidates while video calling.


Create custom questionnaires with different templates

Email Templates

Use plenty of standard email templates or save time with email templates that are easy to insert.

Email and Message Inbox

Organize your communications with your own job inbox.

Unlimited Users

Every plan comes with unlimited users.

Access Control

Assign flexible roles to your people or team.

Access Level

Personalize your team’s access to features and data.

Real-time Updates

Receive real-time updates within the app.


Create and assign tasks to your team or new joiners.


Create a chain of tasks and assign to new joiner or team members as a mission including meetings and deadlines

Zapier integration

Integrate with 1,000+ other tools via Zapier.

Slack integration

Slack integration eases your team communication.

Background Checker’s integration

Integrate directly with Background Checker for background checks.

Other bold features

Funnel Overview

Reporting module contains real advanced insights including a funnel overview.

Candidate Flow

Suggesting the list of candidates in pipeline with advanced filtering ability.

Lead-time Tracker

Providing best in class reporting and graphs showing lead-time with pipelines and steps with time and steps to steps filtering ability.

QPage is where the Recruitment, Selection and On-boarding become a joy by a real collaboration. An Autonomous Hiring with help of AI made 100% automated while the decision making made easy by a consistent flow of information, assessments and interviews. All in One Solution

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