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Qpage is seamless yet sophisticated saas powered by AI. Simply starts with sign-up and set up your company to start a full strong pipeline to manage your company’s recruitment, on-boarding, partners such as external recruiters, scoring system and even tribe communicaion. Read the help page for a better understanding of platform.


You have 3 ways for sign-in or create an account.


In this section of the platform you can manage all the configurations you may need to set the company up.

Job board

Job board is a place to manage job vacancies from setting one to posting.

Create Job

For creating a new job vacancy, start with pushing “create job” icon.

People Pool

People Pool is the place for managing the employee of the company either current employees ...

Organizational Chart

Having all profiles connected to one another under your company structure will create an organizational chart.

Social Tribes

Tribe is a feature to create social communities in a company.

On-Boarding Orientation Process

Helping a new joiner for a smooth landing is a big deal.

Candidate Pool

All candidate’s resumes and profiles which has added into the system stores in this pool for later actions.

Partner Pool

All partner’s profile added to the system stores in a pool in here for later access and action.


This section is a repository of the reports and you can find some statistics about your company, Job vacancies and accounts.

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