You can manage to set up an account by signing-up/sign-in  with your Gmail account, your linked-in account, or a manual procedure. You are firmly recommended to use your company's official email address to proceed with possibilities inside your workspace.

In QPage platform you have 3 ways for sign up and create an account:

1- Sign-up by email: You can use of account creation manually in case you may have no a google or LinkedIn account to expedite sign up process. For this type of sign up, you need to set your email, full name and password in the first step. Right after you need to define a company logo, name and your domain (will be used to generate a subdomain in QPage platform for instance

2- Sign-up by Google account: It helps you to move on next step by syncing your google account with your QPage account where it provide you a mail server and calendar synchronization. 3- Sign-up by Linked-In account Your linked-In account sign up with help us to sync your information and expedite sign up process.

Same as sign up process, we have provided three different ways for sign-in into your account:

1- Sign-in by E-mail In case you have chosen email account sign-up, you may need to sign-in with your email option. You need to enter your email and password for login to your account.

2- Sign-in by Google You may log-in into the platform simply by tap into log-in and saved password in case you have chosen to sync your google account.

3- Sign-in by Linked-In Just same as google account, you may log-in into your account simply by tap into log-in in case you have synced your Linked-in account with

Homepage is your main page providing general information at your finger print. From Main funnel stats to periodical performance based insights and company announcements. Also you have a side bar on the right end consisting profile, notifications and latest submitted reviews.

Workspace is also known as the company. The name the creator of the workspace is given at the sign up process.

The name can be found in your Setting> Company Profile> Company Name box.

In order to change your workspace name you need to send your official request to [email protected] from your associated email address with the subject of Request to change Workspace Name.
​Please also indicate these information in the body of the email.
​1- Current workspace name
​2- Your desire workspace name
​3- The reason for the change

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