Create Job

For creating a new job vacancy, start with pushing the “create job” icon. A wizard will come up to help you out containing a 6-step process, though the first step is only mandatory to be filled upon your requirement.

Start by giving detailed information on vacancy in 7 main parts including:

  • Job Title & Department

Defining the position information such as job title, Department and seniority level.

  • Location

Set the workplace location if any or set it as a remote job.

  • Department Mission/ Jobs to be done

Write down a related division/department/tribe/team ultimate mission or jobs to be done.

  • Job Vacancy Summary

A short description on the job's mission itself and where it connects to the team and company mission.

  • Role/JD

Define a description of the role including general area of the role on a day to day and strategic levels. You can use or edit our auto suggestion feature upon your subscription model.

  • Responsibility

Define a description on responsibilities and accountabilities of the role. Same as job description you can simply write the job responsibilities by your own or use/edit suggested one.

  • Authority

Define a general authority of the position. The area of decision making such as budget management, team leading…

  • Requirements:

Define the job requirements in here such as required qualifications, experiences, knowledge and specify preferred capabilities as well.

  • Privilege and Benefit Package

Defining any extra incentive, benefit package such as perks and bonus in here will help both you and applicant get into the result faster.

  • Employment Detail

Define a required education level of this job vacancy and the employment type.

  • Annual Salary

Define an annual salary by setting a min & max salary of the vacancy in here.

Note: You may choose short and fast form of Mission and Care or choose advanced option.

Edit the application form upon required information by either predefined format or tweak it by changing “Must” o “Voluntary”. You can add questions to the form either by selecting suggested template formats or add it by your own manually and have it in your company templates as well.

The form is completely interactive at your disposal where any change will be shown on the applicant form sample on the left side.

Another option is the ability to define a “hiring/selection team“ by add any people or partner (External Recruiter or crowd-sourced option upon your subscription model) to the hiring team.

Remember by adding/inviting a person whether internal recruiter, line manager, an expert or even an external/crowd sourced recruiter/expert into hiring/selection team, they will receive the notification on the progress upon their preferences.

Though invitation sent by email to external invitees, thus the in-house members will receive a message and notification.

Invitation starts by clicking on the link. In case the user has registered in platform before, then the access to the job will be enabled, however the user needs to sign up, if the invitee has no account registered in your company.

Adding users into a hiring team requires to define their authority role in the system:

  •     + Job Admin (can configure the job vacancy information, process and participate in selection process)
  •     + Standard User (only participates in hiring process)

You can see the list of authorized users in hiring team on the bottom side of the page. Though, you change/edit hiring team's role and authority.

Same as “Recruitment preferences” feature page in company setting process, you may adjust or customize your hiring pipeline especially for a vacancy in here or use your pre-defined master flow and move on.

The last step is posting a job upon your choice. There are 4 types of channels:

  •     + Company Career Page
  •     + Social Media
  •     + Free Job Boards
  •     + Premium Job Boards

You can select the channels that you want publish the job over there.

Though, there are 3 types of job publishing:

  •     + Public: Will post on any public channel and job portal you have chosen.
  •     + Internally: Will post on Career Page Only.
  •     + Confidentially: Will post on company Announcement board where user and employee access can be authorized.

Selection Process

It starts simply by checking candidates in your pipeline.
Those who applied by own -either in your career site or other job boards you made a job ad with, sit in "Applied" step.
Those you have added either via Candidate Pool or Sourced manually place in "Sourcing" Step in your pipeline.
Check each candidates' card and scoring. AI Matching scores is on candidate profile header, so tap into the card and check "show detail" drop down button.
Check the tutorial videos for a better understanding.

Other help categories

You can find here other qpage section to understanding what is it and how you can use them

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