Job Board

Job board is a place to manage job vacancies from setting one to posting. You can filter the list of vacancies, checking number of candidates in each step whole as a widget in this pool and deep dive into a vacancy itself.

All defined vacancies show in the widget here by their statuses. Giving a view on vacancy steps in funnel to the number of candidates.

  •   + Total candidates,
  •   + Total available candidates (except hired and non-qualified),
  •   + Timeline- The last candidate added to the funnel









The publish button under the widget is offering internal (in your company pre-set social channels or within company announcement list in homepage) or external publishing ability within different job portals on even QPage applicant's app.










Offering 2 different ways to add a candidate into a job vacancy. To check it out more click on “Find Candidate“:

  •     + You can add a candidate by uploading resume or filling the form fields by your own
  •     + Or push the search button and get redirected to the “global search“ page.

An advanced search engine that will suggest the candidates from your own talent pool, QPage universal talent pool or by checking GitHub, Linked-in and other portals isn premium version.







The option bar is giving you few options to check, edit or archive rapidly.

Giving a read only accessibility to the Job Description of posted vacancy.

Want to edit the Job Vacancy? Click on the “Edit” option and get redirected to the configuration steps.
For review the job reports select this item, after that you will redirect to the current job vacancy reports sheet.
If a vacancy got “canceled”, “hired” or even “changed” and you may still need to have them somewhere to get back later on, click on the “Archive Job”. You will receive a confirmation notification to make sure it is what you want.
Wants to create a copy of a vacancy? Click on the “Duplicate Job” option and create a copy of that without its candidates in funnel.

By click on the “show more” bar under the each vacancy’s flow, you will get redirected to the vacancy’s funnel where moving a candidate across steps in pipeline is possible. Detail option on the right part of each candidates in here gives a quick access to the candidate profile. These quick access contains few other quick action such as Send mail, Move to, Change status, Referral, View profile and delete candidate.










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