The Job module on the left sidebar menu is where you can create, design, edit, and publish a new vacancy pipeline.
You are able to set automated actions such as voice/video interview, auto-scheduling and machine-led interview, assessments, evaluation form and emails.

Pipeline card is a widget where it shows

  •  General pipeline stats
  • Edit, Archive, duplication possibilities
  • Adding candidate possibilities,
  • Pipeline Overview (Show more)
  • And the most important part which is the steps in your pipeline and can be reached by tapping into a step

You can get the best use of auto content generation suggestions in Job Description.

  • Defining an application you want to receive from candidates
  • Adding any question to be answered by candidates within their application process
  • Inviting hiring team
  • Designing a hiring flow by drag and drop, adding steps or auto trigger actions, assessments, schedules and more.

The publish button under the widget is offering internal (in your company pre-set social channels or within company announcement list in homepage) or external free and paid job board.

Offering 2 different ways to add a candidate into a job vacancy. To check it out more click on “Find Candidate“:

  • + You can add a candidate by uploading resume or filling the form fields by your own
  • + Applied candidate directly goes into the pipeline "Applied" step
  • + By assigning a passive candidate from your candidate pool into a pipeline
Want to edit the Job Vacancy? in the top right menu in a pipeline> click on the “Edit” option and get redirected to the configuration steps.
If a vacancy got “canceled”, “hired” or even “changed” and you may still need to have them somewhere to get back later on, click on the “Archive Job”. You will receive a confirmation notification to make sure it is what you want.
Wants to create a copy of a vacancy? Click on the “Duplicate Job” option and create a copy of that without its candidates in funnel.

By click on the “show more” bar under the each vacancy’s flow, you will get redirected to the vacancy’s funnel where moving a candidate across steps in pipeline is possible. Detail option on the right part of each candidates in here gives a quick access to the candidate profile. These quick access contains few other quick action such as Send mail, Move to, Change status, Referral, View profile and delete candidate.

Once you published a pipeline and got candidate in, you will see a candidate detailed matching score with your job description.

It can be found on "Show Detail" option on a candidate card left side header once you tap into a step in your pipeline.

To move candidate/s within a pipeline you have plenty of options.

  • 1. Get to show more and move candidate cards by drag and drop
  • 2. Tap into a step pipeline in pipeline card and select one or multiple candidates and select "Move to next Step" in the Action drop down list on top left side of a step

You and the team can leave scores and reviews in each step in your pipeline collaboratively.

You can edit, delete or like/dislike reviews.

Score and Review can be found in step> Candidate's Card>Evaluation Tap> Score & Review

You can evaluate a candidate and see the result (if you got the access) in each step in a pipeline if you have designed an evaluation form in job creation process. Evaluation forms are in step> Candidate's Card>Evaluation Tap> Score & Review> Evaluation Form

Assessment result can be found on candidate's card in candidate's card > Evaluation> Assessment in each step in your pipeline.

You can leave a score after any action such as interviews, recorded video by machine-led interview or any other action or assessment you have designed in creation process.

You still can have manual actions such as sending an email, setting an event or inviting others to take part in hiring team.

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