On-Boarding Orientation Process

Helping a new joiner for a smooth landing is a big deal. Here you can define a plan for onboarding new employees. This feature lets you define a flow of a/chain of task/s as a mission, track the progress, set deadlines, feedback, scoring, and a few more.

Mission board is the mission home page where there is an access and view to all defined missions, all in one page each presented as a mission pipeline including their tasks if any and their assigned employees, and managers.

By clicking on people in the list you will get redirected to their profile engagement tab. Also, a brief analysis about the mission including:

  • + Total people: Count of people who has added to a specific mission.
  • + Total available people: Count of people who are currently are active/engaged in a specific mission.
  • + Last people: The last member who has added into a specific mission.
To create a mission, click on “Create Mission“ button; - First set the name of the mission, - Select the assignee, and - Then select tasks from previous defined ones or create a new task.
Each mission includes a task or a chain of tasks. “Task List” is a repository of defined tasks. You can create a task and use it in different missions.

To creating new task click on the “New Task“ button:

  • + First select the type of task and the title,
  • + Then define a headline, report to and task duration (day),
  • + After that add the action(s) that the assignee should do.


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