In this section of the platform you can manage all the configurations you may need to set the company up.

Here you can set your company general information such as Company Name, Logo, Website Address, Country, region and giving an introduction about your company, perks and privileges ... By pushing “Add” button you can store/update the information you wish to save and set.

Do not forget to customize your career site by adding colors, pictures and enter your company information, including stuff your prospects are dying to know, like company benefits. This information will be used to auto-fill your career page. 

Once you get into “recruitment preferences” for the first time, you will see a predefined flow as a standard default for hiring pipeline. Go ahead and customize your very own flow? Super easy! Just “delete”, “add” or even by drag and drop the steps to get into your desired flow. Automatic actions and multiple assessment kits can be set here as well.

Add Step:
By adding new steps on your company hiring pipeline, you may require to define the step name and the type. Auto actions and templates can pre-set in this wizard too.

Delete Step:
By clicking on the “delete” button you can eliminate each step. You may receive a confirmation message prior to elimination a step.

Move Step:
Moving a step is possible by drag and drop across the hiring flow.

Edit Step:
By clicking on the edit icon you can change the step name and its type to your desired step.

Autonomous Action:
Auto action is an option for configuring an/multiple automated actions when a candidate added to step. Setting a default template for an action on each step.

Action types:
Send mail:
by enabling this item you give the authority to the system to show customized or default templates to a candidate once added to a step. User can change the content and other parameters by clicking on send button or check the “send later“ checkbox. By choosing this option, you confirm to send the email manually at your convenient time.

Set Event:
this option works like send email and used for setting an event with candidate.

Event can be an online session or as an offline meeting.

Assessment kits:
It's a great feature where you can set up different type of kits vary from customized questionnaire by your own, use of our pre-defined kits or integrate an assessment kit or center with yours. There are many predefined kit in some categories that you can use them without any changes. We commit to add new assessment questionnaires and kits as time goes by.


You have plenty of choices to get triggered. It varies from Machine-led interview where the platform itself will get into an interview with candidates and provide recorded video to be played.

Voice/Video Interviews which require to get integrated with your Calendly account for the first time to auto schedule the meetings.

Add Member:

For adding/inviting a new member to your applicant tracking and on-boarding system you need to click on the “Add Member“ button. A form will be shown with a few record to be filled such as general information, e-mail address, resume and the role in the system and on the company.

You just need to upload the resume file in PDF format.


You may give the “admin“ role authority to any invitees.

In case you may need to add the invite's position, we highly recommend you to have it in organizational chart.

Add Template:
To add new templates, click on the “Add Template” button, set the template type, name, headline, and questionnaire or even enclose a file.

Preview Template:
By clicking on this button, you will be able to see the detail of a template.

Edit Template:
If you want to update the detail of the template, you can click on the edit icon and the detail of the template will be shown. Don’t forget to “save” them after.

Delete Template:
For deleting any template, you can click on the delete icon and confirm the deletion notification and template will remove from your list.

Require invoice, manage your billing information? You can check them all in here. That gives you an ability to check the history of billing and invoices, if any.

You will always have the advantage on use of freemium model subscription. You can change your Subscription Plan by selecting the appropriate plan from the list in here or extend the one you are using in just by checking the “history tab”. In addition to the ability of changing your subscription plan to monthly or yearly billed.

This is the personal notification setting where you can customize the type of notifications you want to receive.

Types of notifications are:
   - All Events and Actions

You may receive notifications on all events and actions by checking the box in here, however, you can customize messages to be notified by:

  •     + Comments
          - Comments on the candidate's profile in a job vacancy that you are involved the recruitment process
          - Comments on profile that you are following
          - Mentions you on candidate profile in a job vacancy that you are involved the recruitment process
          - Mentions you on profiles that you're following
  •     + Candidate response
  •     + Candidate move on hiring pipe line
  •     + Delay from candidate to response after a certain amount day(s)
  •     + Evaluate
           -A rank/score updated on a profile in a job vacancy that you are in recruitment process
  •     + A rank/score updated on a profile that you are following
  •     + Have forgotten to set an event after a certain amount of day(s)

You can edit user's access in your workspace in here by opening up their role or delete them by tapping into the bin icon.

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