Offer Letter

How to send an Official Offer Letter via Email

Sending a formal job offer letter via email is a quick way to provide important job information, including salary, benefits, working hours and important next steps.

It’s important to note that you should send an offer letter only after extending an initial verbal offer to your top candidate. The letter officially outlines the status of a candidate, summarizes the key requirements and the role in the company and help the applicant in determining whether to accept the offer or not. It can also serve as a point of entry for negotiations on the job.

What Should Be Included in The Offer Letter

An official offer letter must include employee details and a descriptive overview of the job such as:

  • Job summary and description
  • Job title (Position)
  • Reporting Line (A quick description of the manager)
  • Starting date of employment
  • Salary, benefits and eligibility
  • Acknowledgment of the offer and the deadline for accepting or declining

The purpose of the offer letter is to provide candidates with the details they need to choose between accepting the offer or withdrawing from it. The benefit of sending an email offer letter is that you can attach additional relevant documentation to help an applicant make the decision without having to send a long email. For example, you can add company policies, insurance records, compensation plans, or other paperwork that an employee has to sign before the start date. However, do not flood a nominee with multiple files. Provide only enough to help them decide whether they are well suited to the role and business.

The tone of your offer can be formal or friendly based on your preference, corporate culture or how well you know the candidate. But regardless of your tone you should include all the necessary information and cover all the said basis.

Here are Sample Emails to Get you Started

* Formal Offer Letter


Applicant Name

Applicant Address

Dear (Applicant Name),

We are happy to offer you the (full-time, part-time) job of (job title) at (company name) with a start date of (start date). You will be reporting straight to (director/supervisor name). We consider your abilities and experience are…