Organizational Chart

Design/develop and update seamlessly your Organizational Chart with adding positions or simply by drag n drop.


Simple and Easy

Having all profiles connected to one another under your company structure will create an organizational chart. It can be even easier. We offer a better and simpler one. Add your company people top-down and get an organizational chart as a gift automatically!!! Sounds amazing? The feature will give your employee a better understanding of hierarchy, structure and each other while your chart is updated for yourself. By tapping into each image box and position, you will get into a deeper information by landing into their profile. 


Mission board is the mission home page where there is an access and view to all defined missions all in one page each presented as a mission pipeline including their tasks if any and their assigned employees, managers… By clicking on people in the list you will get redirected to their profile engagement tab. Also, a brief analysis about the mission including:

Total people: Count of people who has added to a specific mission.

Total available people: Count of people who are currently are active/engaged in a specific mission.

Last people: The last member who has added into a specific mission.


To create a tribe by clicking on the “Create Tribe” button and set a name and icon. You may close a tribe by setting “invite only” feature to add selected people and keep the privacy according to your subscription model.


Each mission includes a task or a chain of tasks. “Task List” is a repository of defined tasks. You can create a task and use it in different missions.