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Writing and tweaking a resume these days is a combination of technique and the odds.

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Today, more than half the startups and almost all the major corporations in the world are using some type of “Resume Parser” systems. It shouldn’t come out as a surprise though since going through different types of resumes with different formats has always been a pain for recruiters and HR professionals. Not to mention it takes lots of time and manpower. So, it makes sense that they jump to the chance to take advantage of this feature.

But just like everything in life, it comes with a price. The statistics show that more than 70% of the submitted resumes never get passed the first filter in resume parsing systems and are never seen by a human eye, and more than 60% of employers acknowledged that some qualified candidates are being overlooked as a result of using this technology. So why are they keep using it?

Simple, because the benefits outweigh the losses. But don’t worry too much. We got you covered.

In QPage, we offer an “AI Resume Parsing”  like no other which supports every different format, texting, or language with very high accuracy of +90%.

On top of that, to put your mind at ease, we have prepared a simple guideline for you on how to make your resume ATS friendly. With following just 4 simple steps you can put yourself ahead of the competition and give yourself a fighting chance.

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