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Eliminate busywork by automating repetitive tasks with AI.

Set up and Customize

Set your workspace using your own preferences and branding.

Design workflow, source and engage

Design the pipeline, automate the workflow and source candidates via different channels.

Assess, Select and Hire

Assess the candidates in different aspects, select bias-free collaboratively and hire swiftly.

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A modern, data-driven hiring process management tool with features, tools and apps.

People, Purpose and Passion. No matter your industry or
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Set the workspace up
Setup and customization

Set your workspace up, design a company profile and invite the team. Plus a white labeled career site with provided Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to customize.

Design a job in a few clicks

An AI GPT-3 powered assistant helps you to write the most effective job description to find the best suitable candidate for your open position.
Invite the team and design applications process.

AI Job Description Generation
Automated Workflow
Automate the workflow

Automate the workflow and publish the job in Job Boards, Social Media, Career site and of course AI Sourcing assistant.

Assessment, Evaluate and Select

Designed for data-driven, bias-free and collaborative hiring, you have access to psychometric assessments, skills assessments and AI assistants to spot the most fit-in candidate.

Data driven assessments

“A huge help to hire data-driven with interviews, built-in assessments and the team inputs we managed to revamp our entire recruiting approach. ”

Ryan, Founder and CEO of Edufied

Interview Rounds

Did you know interviews are rarely predictive of success on the job? According to Google observation.

A decent method to shortlist and prepare candidates for the next rounds is AI machine-led interview. An automated interactive interview with candidates led by a machine while asking your questions, report the recorded result and combine your scoring into candidate score card.

Interview rounds and assignments

Collaborate in hiring process by leaving scores, comments, notes, evaluation forms, tags and mentioning one another.
An Interview assistant designed to help you in finding proper questions.

Offer and Hire

Select the top candidate's score cards and offer.
Hire the most fit-in candidates unbiasedly with sets of connected insights and analysis

Hire and engage

Nurture and engage passive candidates for the future open positions with running campaigns.

Getting the right people on the bus?

Vanilla Style

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